The Ultimate Guide For Design Styles


Whether you’re styling an entire house or just a single room, you need to have an idea of the style you want in order to begin designing the space of your dreams. Today we’ll be sharing 4 styles — Modern/Mid-Century, Contemporary, Traditional and Industrial — to help you narrow your options and get you started on choosing the right pieces for the aesthetic you’re trying to reach. Although these are guides, you can have your own take on each style and even mix different styles to make your own.

The  Mid-Century Modern Style has a very distinguished look of simplicity, minimalism and uniformity.


For walls, you’d generally use neutral colored paint like white or beige as this gives the illusion of a larger space and also adds to the look of simplicity which is what this style is about. Furniture should be very natural, made of leather or solid color. A significant feature in  mid century modern furniture are boxy and organic shapes in furniture. Furniture accents should be bold in color and if they have prints, they should be of geometric design. If you are to include rugs for sound control or heat retention, make sure that they are similar in color to the floor as what you’re trying to achieve is a look of minimalism. Add metallic accents with coffee or side tables, light fixtures, and with small decorations like shown below.

Diningroom for blog .jpeg

If you’re looking for a style that’s a bit more classic and timeless then you’re looking to create a Traditional space which is known to be more warm, orderly and calm.

In a traditional room, everything must be centered and all the colors should be in the mid-range of tones. You can use light and dark colors but mid-tones tend to be the most used for this kind of spaces. The dining room is usually placed in a separate room. The table is set above a rug which is laid on top of a beautiful wooden floor like shown above . All light fixtures must be classic and placed evenly and symmetrically.

Messages Image(136280598).jpeg

Drapery must be long and the colors of it must be in unison with the rest of the room. From the image above, you can see that the room is pretty symmetrical and follows the safe color scheme throughout the entire space.


Now, where transitional and contemporary meet is called a Transitional style. Generally, there is a mix of classical and modern features like an antique chandelier and mirror placed in the same room as modern, colorful and geometric furniture.

Transitional Livingroom.jpg

Like shown above, there is symmetry with both sides of the room and traditional features like hardwood floor, a centered rug and long, light-colored drapes. More modern features include the turquoise sofas, the use of metal features with the tables and sconces. Also, the sofas an chairs hold a very modern form while still being completely symmetrical as the traditional style usually does.


Hopefully this provides you with a general idea of the style you’d like to have for your space. If you’d like to continue looking at our work, click here and get carried away! If you’re interested in working with us, click here to fill out our form.


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