Jan 2019

Zehana Design Tips 2019:

Incorporating Biophilic Design to

Benefit Your Wellbeing



Biophilic design is the practice of incorporating natural elements and organic materials in architecture and interior design. It represents the attraction that humans have to the environment, and it has a beneficial role in our overall health, happiness and productivity.

The implementation of nature in a living or working environment improves our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. Being exposed to so much technology in our daily lives can often make us feel separated from the natural elements that surround us.

Integrating biophilic design in our everyday lives is a great way to connect with nature, and take a step away from our busy city lives, without having to leave the city at all. Here are a few tips to easily integrate nature in your living space.


Open your windows: Having natural light illuminate the space will brighten your mood and allow you to see more of the nature that already surrounds you. If it is possible to open up your home to the outdoors be sure to take advantage of that beautiful backdrop.


Incorporate a water element: Because water is such an essential element in nature, incorporating a water feature in your space and being able to hear the sound of moving water can add a relaxing touch.


Potted plants: If your space has minimal natural elements, bringing in potted plants can have many benefits like reducing carbon dioxide levels, helping improve air quality and keeping air temperatures down.


Use natural materials: The materials and fabrics we use can definitely connect us to the natural world we live in. Try integrating hardwood floors instead of carpets or natural fibers instead of plastics and synthetics in your space.


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